Please contact your representative with WorkFORCE or contact customer service at Family Heritage to help answer any additional questions.

For more information about Family Heritage you can contact us by writing to the address below, or by calling or e-mailing a specific department:

Mailing Address

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America
6001 East Royalton Road, Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio 44147

Customer Service

Phone: (440) 922-5222

Fax: (440) 922-5223

To speak with a customer service representative, please call between 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Spanish-speaking representatives are available during normal business hours.

For our Agents

Main Agent Line – (440) 922-5252

Agency Accounting – Fax: (440) 922-5120

Agent Licensing – Fax: (440) 922-5122


Phone: (440) 922-5151

Fax: (440) 922-5152